Imaginario Social



IMAGINARIO SOCIAL is a non-governmental development organization (NGDO), established as a foundation in May 2009.

WE are an organization that combats poverty and social exclusion, both in Spain and other countries, mainly through education and training.

WE are a NGDO that works to improve the basic living standards and to promote the human and sustainable development of those communities that have the biggest economic and social deficiencies.

WE are a team of people committed to the searching and promotion of global answers for the different dimensions of poverty and the generation of equity.

WE are independent from any politic, religious, trade-union or professional institution.

Imaginario Social is registered in the Minister of Education’s Register of Foundations and in the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation.


Our mission is to fight against poverty, understanding its multidimensional nature, not only the lack of income or goods, but the lack of opportunities, abilities and options to have decent living conditions as well. The high vulnerability, the powerlessness and the absence of representation define the dimensions of poverty.

Our work focuses mainly on the integral training, non-formal education and the social inclusion of the young people.



We want to fight against poverty globally, having an inclusive attitude, facilitating, promoting and accompanying young people who suffer poverty, isolation and inadequacy in the development processes

We support our project’s quality in order to make their efficacy verifiable and to push forward efficiency and impact in the social change.

We carry out our task with enthusiasm, optimism and commitment, trying to spread this attitude to all the interest groups of our initiatives.

We take into account two key points in all our initiatives. Equity: equal opportunities among the different cultures, races and genders. And sustainability: the human and economic actions must not jeopardize the survival of the planet and the welfare of future generations.



Our VALUES are:

IMAGINATION, understood as the ability to create an alternative to unfavorable situations. It deals with creativity, innovation and reflection about reality.

EFFICACY, understood as the responsible commitment with the right solutions to the social problems. It deals with the application of logic, efficiency and the quality of the processes.

COOPERATION, understood as the continuous collaborative and participative approach between equals. It deals with globality, multilateralism and reduction of inequalities north-south.


Social Imaginary

Imaginario Social (Social Imaginary) is a concept created by the Greek philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis (1922 -1997). It is often used as mentality, collective consciousness or ideology. What do we achieve by using imagination when we reflect on the social and historical phenomenon? We achieve to see the importance of the material things over social life as relative.


In our world we tend to establish differences between what we consider real and imaginary. We cling to what is real pretending it is the only thing that can be proved and we separate it from what is imaginary, since it only creates utopias. The Imaginary is not a copy of real, its root based in symbolism frees from the evidence of the immediate reality and motivates to explore new possibilities and alternatives. Imagination creates a tension linked to a new expectation and causes the dynamism of an intervention.


We believe and appeal to the collective imagination, understood as a set of values, forms and images shared that will guide humanity towards the searching for the common good.